“I’ve looked at other platforms like HubSpot, Drip, ActiveCampaign, and Marketo...nothing compares to Growth Hero. GH’s capabilities, its integration with our systems, and easy to use tools make it the most cost-effective and powerful marketing automation platform available.”

- Duc Luu, Executive Chairman


Company: Spores Network (Spores Lab Co. Ltd., Vietnam)

Industry: NFT + Decentralized Finance Marketplace

Use Case: Drive engagement through AI-powered marketing, campaign management, and social listening tools


Duc Luu, Executive Chairman
Eric Nguyen, CEO

Success by the Numbers

Directly attributed to Growth Hero within first 60 days of GH engagement:
50+ KOLs managed with an additional 2.3m+ active followers combined audience

Average 1k+ engagements and shares per post

KOL tracking, community analytics, brand health, and social sentiment measured in 14+ languages

20x increase in enterprise value of $SPO token
350 → 70,000 Twitter and Telegram followers

$0.005 → $0.10 $SPO token value

3 → 200 ambassadors

5 → 50 influencers

2 → 14 languages and regions

Successful investment Round closed

Customer Profile

Spores Network (spores.app)  is a full-stack cross-chain interoperable NFT-DeFi platform built by some of the world’s foremost experts on blockchain and marketplace technologies.

In the midst of an aggressive launch plan, they contacted Growth Hero because of their needs for large scale marketing campaign management, large complex social media influencer campaign management and listening needs, and CRM functionalities to capture and monetize customer data across all channels.

Growth Hero’s holistic solution is ideal to tackle Spore’s requests for custom-built solutions to manage social media marketing across 15+ platforms (Twitter, Telegram, etc.) in more than 10 languages. Social Hero solved these requests and prepared Spores for the ability to launch and manage large scale marketing campaigns globally- providing the ability to localize in any territory they choose in lightening-quick fashion.

Challenge and Pain Points

Executive Chairman Duc Luu had an aggressive launch target and timeline for Spores Network. The company’s marketing efforts were disjointed and labor intensive, and lacked critical data needed to evaluate and improve performance. With the help of Growth Hero’s AI-powered automated programs, reporting capabilities, and social listening toolkit, Spores increased MQLs generated through email onboarding by 45% and saved the cost of four FTEs.

Specific pain points included:

• The marketing team had to manually enter and follow-up with contacts following webinars, which was both time-consuming and prone to error.

• Unable to reliably segment diverse influencer and user audiences and send targeted campaigns.

• Multi-channel approach was faltering due to a lack of omnichannel integration.

Adopting an Automated Digital Approach

Spores’ first move was to use Growth Hero to implement the company’s outreach and messaging functions, leveraging GH’s automations to nurture leads via email, SMS, web push notifications, and chats.

Spores benefited by automating 80% of business development and sales funnels when acquiring new NFT artists and stakeholders. Instead of using resources for onboarding fulfillment, they automated these processes through GH, saving additional time and money. Thus allowing Spores business development team to focus time on acquiring new leads rather than manually verifying, qualifying, and nurturing existing ones.

They achieved further benefits when leveraging GH’s Acquisition AI to grow qualified leads from just under 100 to over 10,000 in less than 30 days. The Acquisition AI contributed by not only determining the optimum strategy and channels for acquisition, but also by automating the pre-qualifying each lead, and assigning a lead score to prioritize likely acquisition targets.

“GH’s capabilities and its integration with our systems, especially our multi-chain NFT technology stack, have been a game changer for our marketplace...its ease of use has resulted in our whole team actively using it every day.”

- Eric Nguyen, CEO

As Spores reaped the benefits of Acquisition AI, their marketing and community management teams sought to expand their outreach through Social Hero to KOLs / influencers, content creators, early adopters, and key stakeholders that drove rapid community growth and platform adoption. As a result, social community and platform engagement grew by more than 3000%.

Using Social Hero, the Spores social media marketing team was able to centralize all content creation, approvals, scheduling, and posting across 22+ different global social media accounts (i.e. Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Medium, Pinterest, YouTube, and their website) in 10+ different languages. Additionally, they prioritized manual responses to direct messages, posts, and comments across all social media channels using the Sentiment AI to find unanswered questions, off-brand KOL mentions, and any negative comments.  

At one week into the addition of Social Hero, Executive Chairman Duc Luu opted to onboard the remaining Insights Hero analytics product in order to measure precise ROI of KOLs and campaigns, and to determine Spores’ optimum CPA. Their Insights Hero instance was deployed in conjunction with a new website launch wherein Spores switched the website architecture from WordPress to React to better integrate with their blockchain-based platform.

The Insights Hero integration tool worked seamlessly with the new React architecture. Insight Hero's ecommerce tracking snippets were also added to the platform’s checkout system to track users from outreach campaigns to individual purchases without relying upon registered user IDs.

“Executing our email and SMS outreach campaigns through GH increased our open rates by 68% and our CTR by 25%. We were able to find the most profitable KOLs and cut the fat, and cut our average CPA in half within 2 weeks of acting upon suggestions made by Insights Hero."

- Duc Luu, Executive Chairman

Proven Success and a Bright Future

Growth Hero helped Spores to transform their marketing from a series of disjointed and manual efforts into a streamlined and integrated machine. Along the way, reducing the cost and time required to execute their programs.

“Growth Hero makes it easy to implement and track my campaigns, and has saved me the resource equivalent of four full-time employees,” Luu said.

Spores now uses GH’s reporting functions to track and improve the efficiency and ROI of all aspects of its operations and teams. Luu credits GH’s customer support and account managers with helping his team leverage the platform quickly.

“Our dedicated customer success manager answered every question we had flattening our learning curve,” he said.

When Luu looks back on how much his team has accomplished, he’s grateful that he identified Growth Hero and implemented it’s powerful AI-driven platform when he started the company.

“I’ve looked at other platforms like HubSpot, Drip, ActiveCampaign, and Marketo...nothing compares to Growth Hero," he said. "GH’s capabilities, its integration with our systems, and easy to use tools make it the most cost-effective and powerful marketing automation platform available.”