AI Omnichannel Marketing and Sales Automation

Communicate with your leads and customers on their terms whether by email, text message, push notification, social media message or chatbot. AI-driven personalization makes this possible at scale and without human labor.

Landing pages, loyalty incentives, pop-ups, sticky bars, branded shortURLs, QR codes and anything else you could ever need⁠—it's all templated and ready for you. No coding, design or technical knowledge necessary. Launch comprehensive campaigns in minutes then sit back and watch your revenues soar.


Send 1:1 personalized automated outreach and transactional emails with 99.999% inbox deliverability


Automate with dynamic content, send confirmations and reminder texts to any phone in any country

Push Notifications

Send custom and dynamic notifications to any customer on any of your apps or websites

Social Media

Manage KOLs and influencers, and connect the social media profiles of your leads and users


Automate responses and conversations, including AI-driven natural language chatbots

AI Social Media Automation, Monitoring, & Intelligence

Manage and automate all your social media and blog accounts from one place and share access to team members around the world without sharing logins. Monitor and approve staff account activity. Or set up a bot in under five minutes that does all of your posting for you, forever.

Content generation, curation and editing is built-in for images, videos, banners and more. Links are automatically tracked and wrapped into branded shortURLs letting you follow any customer back to their initial post.

Our AI scours the internet and social media for any mentions of your brand or keywords, determines the sentiment (positive, neutral, negative or question) and prioritizes messages for rapid responses directly from the dashboard.

Manage Account Access

Assign view and post access per user; no more shared passwords or accounts

Approval Workflows

Create approval authorizations for all aspects of posts, comments or revisions

Media Generation & Editing

Integrated Canva, stock images, photo editing and ability to grab images and videos

Automatic Post Generation

Set-and-forget AI bots curate, write, brand and post for you at optimal times on any channels

Auto URL-wrapping

All links automatically changed to branded shortURLs, nesting UTM codes and saving characters

Social Intelligence

Measure sentiment of every post, comment, message and keywords

AI-driven Enrichment & Insights

Today's automation is different. With generative models, omni-purpose natural language processing that's indistinguishable from human operators and social intelligence that can infer new information and predict behaviors with spooky accuracy at scale, the age where making a few variants of your campaign messages and A/B testing was enough is long gone.

Today's consumers expect laser-focused, hyper-relevant, genuinely helpful and personalized messages, or else they send you straight to the spam box, block your ads and develop a negative perception of your brand as spammy and impersonal.

Growth Hero is a comprehensive marketing toolkit driven by our core Marketing AI engine, allowing you to deliver scalable personalized experiences to the right person at the right time via the right channel, every time.

AI Tagging

New labels automatically appended to contacts based on behavior and inferred information

AI Segmentation

Combinations of contact labels generate new segments for pinpointed 1:1 targeting

AI Sentiment

Measuring all messages, posts, comments and monitored keywords for sentiment

AI Monitoring

Catch mentions of any keyword sets across social media and web and check sentiment of each

AI Channel Selection

Stop blasting on all channels, let our AI determine how each contact wants to be contacted

AI Copy Generation

Our AI now writes great posts, emails and ads! One click copywriting going live in Q4 2021

AI Loyalty & Rewards Management

Incentivize consumer behaviors with points, tokens, vouchers, cashback or custom rewards like event invitations or gifts. Set an unlimited number of visible and private loyalty tiers to drive higher spend, higher purchase frequency and much higher retention—especially with your VIP customers.

More than just transactional loyalty, Growth Hero's built-in loyalty, incentives and rewards system pairs with our social intelligence AI, allowing automatic incentives and rewards for such actions as likes, check-ins, social sharing, positive reviews, referrals and challenges.

Use multiple points systems internally and externally to both drive loyalty and prioritize leads. Combine with our AI-driven segmentation to ensure that every reward offering is relevant to each individual customer.

Points & Tokens

Incent and reward behavior with white-label points, coupons or your own cryptocurrency tokens


Automate exclusive invitations to online and offline events for your VIP membership tiers


Automate digital and physical fulfilment, including tracked shipping, using your gifts or ours


Automate print and digital vouchers, coupon codes, referral codes, etc. with any rules you set

Automated Rewards

Loyalty, incentives and rewards management are fully automated by our AI-powered platform

Web + App + Ecommerce Tracking & Privacy-Compliant Analytics

Remove the guesswork in marketing campaigns with AI-driven analytics and comprehensive tracking built into every aspect of the Growth Hero platform. Every open, click, scroll, swipe, tap, scan and entry is tracked across any device providing rich customer data and analytic insight.  

No more blind spots in the customer or product journey, no more guessing the ROI generated by your campaigns, KOLs or sales agents. You can now track every single dollar of revenue and every single customer through every interaction, all the way back to the very first post they read or ad they clicked.

Stop wasting time and money on campaigns that aren't performing and focus your attention on what works, ensuring every new campaign is better than the last.

Message Performance

Measure engagement and revenue performance so you can focus on what works

Ads & O2O Performance

No more black box or guesswork, get the precise ROI of every single dollar spent on every ad

Site + App Performance

See where visitors come from, what they read and where they go, to find and fix bottlenecks

KOL + Sales Performance

Real-time reports; see live 24/7 how each influencer, ambassador and sales rep is performing


See what people are searching for when they find you and optimize page ranks at the top of searches

Tag Manager

Stop waiting on developers, make changes to scripts across your websites from one place

No-Code Visual Content, UI, & Automation Builders

The entire Growth Hero platform comes together on one page in our visual drag-and-drop automation and workflow builder. Combine any actions, conditions and decisions with omnichannel connectivity, end-to-end tracking and AI-driven segmentation & intelligence.

With zero technical or design knowledge and not a single line of code, our clients build 100% automated custom sales funnels, 1:1 personalized omnichannel campaigns, data validation workflows and limitless variety of nurturing, presales, lead scoring and business development automations, all in a matter of minutes and without ever needing to leave the automation builder screen.

No Code

Copy, edit and build anything from scratch or a template with easy drag-and-drop builders

Best Practices Built-in

GH's experienced teams of award-winning digital marketers instilled their learnings into GH's core

Ready-made Workflows

1-click templates and pre-set workflows automate drip campaigns and conversion funnels

Built-in Tracking

Every single message, interaction, click and action is tracked and measured, so you get the whole picture

Automate Anything

Just describe the task in words and you can automate it with GH in minutes with our automation builder


Legal compliance and privacy best practices are built in, so you and your customers can relax