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Track every visitor and dollar of ROI with privacy-focused analytics

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Full data, not sampled
Tracks all websites and apps
Built-in SEO and tag manager
Ecommerce tracking included

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What's included in Insights Hero?

Insights Hero includes everything you need to manage all of your tracking and analytics for leads, customers, and users -- both B2B and B2C. Our analytics solution includes a Tag Manager, SEO management, and Ecommerce management, making it a holistic tracking and management solution. No more sharing data with Google and Microsoft, Insights Hero gives you full control and ownership of customer data, while baking in GDPR and PDPA privacy compliance, so you and your customers can rest easy knowing that all data is secure.

The following modules come standard with all Insights Hero plans:

  • Heads up live dashboard
  • Live visits details -- see everyone who visits your site, whether or not they signed up yet, including how many visits they've made and what they read
  • SEO tracking, insights, and management, allowing you to get to the top of Google searches
  • Full visitor details: per-user data on device used, location, resolution, demographic info, and behavior
  • GDPR and PDPA privacy compliant
  • Track websites and apps
  • Build and track UTM campaign codes
  • Deploy and maintain pixels and scripts via the Tag Manager

The following number of connected properties (websites and apps) are included with Insights Hero:

  • Individual: 1 properties
  • Starter: 10 properties
  • Grow: 25 properties
  • Scale: 60 properties

Add Ecommerce tracking and management from $29 / month.

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