Zapier (beta)


Automate tasks and integrate between GH and 3,000+ other apps

What does the Zapier integration do?

The 1-click Zapier integration allows you to connect your GH instance to your Zapier account in order to automate tasks between GH and 3,000+ other apps and add integrations with apps not listed in our Integrations page without having to use our APIs.

How do I setup the Zapier integration?

Contact your Customer Success Representative to open your advanced settings panel, where you can add or connect a Zapier account with one click. Then, automations and integrations will automatically be suggested for you.

Support for the Zapier integration

Our team will happily assist you with connecting to your Zapier account, and a wide variety of Zapier automation and integration templates are automatically suggested for you. Feel free to contact your Customer Success Representative for suggestions on how to most efficiently implement automations and integrations you desire.