Connect your Twilio account and use for sending marketing SMS messages

What does the Twilio integration do?

The Twilio integration allows you to connect your GH instance to your Twilio account to automate personalized SMS messages to contacts via GH automations. Since GH has built-in support for SMS marketing, you don't need a Twilio account to use this feature -- this integration is for clients who happen to already have a Twilio account and want to use it instead of GH's SMS delivery services.

How do I setup the Twilio integration?

Contact your Customer Success Representative to open up your advanced settings panel, where you'll be able to add your Twilio account using your SID and Auth Token. You'll also be able to specify the sending phone number, enable or disable SMS link click tracking, and limit the number of SMS sent.

Support for the Twilio integration

The GrowthHero team will happily assist you with connecting to your Twilio account. However, any configurations required on the Twilio side will be your responsibility.