Telegram (Beta)


Automate messages and copy social media posts to your Telegram groups

What does the Telegram integration do?

The Telegram integration allows you to make and schedule messages to your Telegram groups, or to any Telegram group in which you have added the GH Bot or your own Telegram bot. The bot also allows you to collect analytics data from Telegram and track leads coming from your messages and groups. You can specify which of your users have access to which Telegram groups, and whether or not their messages require approvals.

How do I setup the Telegram integration?

Since this is a new beta version integration and relies on the use of one or more Telegram bots, please inform your Customer Success Representative or ping us at if you'd like to connect your Telegram groups, and we'll guide you through the steps.

Support for the Telegram integration

This integration is in a stable beta level of support, meaning that our customers are not encountering any issues when using this integration. If you encounter any issues, please contact your Customer Success Representative or report the bug at