Connect your HubSpot account and share data between GH and HubSpot

What does the HubSpot integration do?

The HubSpot integration allows you to connect your GH instance to your HubSpot account in order to automatically share and update data between both accounts and centralize your HubSpot data in your GH instance.

How do I setup the HubSpot integration?

Contact your Customer Success Representative to open up your advanced settings panel, where you'll be able to add your HubSpot account using your HubSpot API Key. You'll also be able to specify which fields you want automatically updated, and whether the updates should be bi-directional, GH to HubSpot, or HubSpot to GH.

Support for the HubSpot integration

The GrowthHero team will happily assist you with connecting to your HubSpot account. However, any configurations required on the HubSpot side will be your responsibility.