Google My Business


Automate and manage content on your Google My Business pages

What does the Google My Business integration do?

The one-click Google My Business integration allows you to make and schedule content, posts, and comments to your Google My Business pages. It also allows you to collect analytics data from Google My Business and track leads coming from posts and ads you run on Google. You can specify which of your users have which level of access to which Google My Business pages, and whether or not their posts require approvals.

How do I setup the Google My Business integration?

In Social Hero, go to Profiles > Google My Business and click Add. You'll be asked to verify your Google credentials once in order to connect our third-party posting API to your account, then you'll be asked to select all of the pages you want to manage with Social Hero. And that's it! You can then assign access to each page to whichever users you please.

Support for the Google My Business integration

Google occasionally disconnects API connections if they are not used for a period of time. In this case, you'll be notified in the Profiles section and asked to repeat the one-click connection. Google also occasionally rejects some posts sent by API if they violate any of Google's Terms of Use, include an attachment that exceeds the size limit for Google My Business posts, or are sent at times of high traffic and Internet latency. In this case, you'll be immediately notified on your dashboard and email of the failed post and the reason it was rejected, with suggestions on how to fix the post or when to retry.