Amazon S3


Connect your GH instance to your Amazon S3 cloud storage servers

What does the Amazon S3 integration do?

The Amazon S3 integration allows you to connect your GH instance to your Amazon S3 cloud storage. This is an advanced option for clients who require an on-premises custom deployment and already store all of their data on Amazon S3 servers. By default, your GH account will be connected to our secure cloud servers, which are highly optimized to run your GH instance as efficiently and securely as possible. Therefore, we do not recommend this integration for most clients, as it will likely increase your costs and potentially create security vulnerabilities.

How do I setup the Amazon S3 integration?

Contact your Customer Success Representative to assess if connecting to your own Amazon S3 cloud servers is recommendable (in most cases, using GrowthHero servers will be cheaper, faster, and more secure). We will then open up your advanced settings panel where you can connect your Amazon S3 account using your Client ID, Secret Key, Bucket Path, and Region.

Support for the Amazon S3 integration

This is an advanced integration which is not recommended for most clients. The GrowthHero team will happily assist you with connecting to your Amazon S3 instance, however any configurations and optimizations on the Amazon S3 side will be your responsibility.