Looking to GROW your business at scale?

Easily manage complex cross-channel campaigns to drive outreach and improve ROI across all social media and marketing channels. Retain happy and engaged customers, and empower your team to build and monetize their database through analytic insights.

4 offices
In Vietnam, Singapore, and India
2020 est.
Founded June 2020
Team members
Global clients

Our values

Growth Hero is a seasoned team of successful entrepreneurs who share similar experiences with you - our clients - we've built companies from conception up to sizeable global enterprises. We all need a valued partner we can trust and believe in - Growth Hero embraces the challenge - we're with you all the way!


We say what we mean and do what we say. You can depend on our robust solutions to sustain your day to day operations, and drive your company growth. Pricing is transparent and delivers value.


We are adults. We are honored you entrusted us with your must-have critical functions to drive growth and ensure customer success. You can depend on us- many others do.


We respect and appreciate the foundation of our accumulated learnings. And we understand innovation is the lifeblood of progress. We thrive on fresh ideas, novel approaches, and clever solutions that advance our world.


We pride in providing you with enterprise level solutions so you can thrive in the digital economy- the same as the big tech companies. You can engage, remain independent, transact and communicate directly with your customers easily.This is the new digital community- we are breaking the chains of Big Tech.

Technology Partners

Intelligent architecture and design: enterprise grade AI-driven platform that's easy to use

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud's algorithms and services empower enterprise-grade AI engine at Growth Hero.


AWS services and infrastructure enabling us to accelerate digital transformation of our enterprise clients.


OpenAI's AI researches and technologies enable our AI engines to have wider general comprehension capabilities.